A Real Lady Drinks Whiskey

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A Romantic (Dark) Comedy

The girls from The Tardigrades continue to laugh, survive, and thrive while navigating the underbelly of San Francisco in A Real Lady Drinks Whiskey.

Jess is a neurotic introvert, but a depraved, promiscuous, thrill-seeking extrovert when she drinks whiskey… and when she is bored- and she is bored and drinks a lot. After a devastating breakup, Jess finds solace in her new like-minded roommates, who in their own unique ways all refuse to bend a knee to the societal impulses of what a lady is expected to be. Drowning in her unrequited love, Jess discovers nothing distracts her better than booze-fueled debauchery at night and increasingly inventive ploys while bored at work– and her new friends are all too happy to tag along.

Jess’ schemes incite and inspire her fellow 20-something degenerates to respond to life’s mundane routines and trials a little more…creatively. And maybe, just maybe, she can use that creativity to re-trap the one who got away.

*Work In Progress*