The Roommate Wars

CHAPTER 1.2: W…W…W…Why don’t you love me?

Photo by Eugene Shelestov from Pexels

Jess almost jumped out of her skin when she bumped into Lexi in the kitchen; despite being the one that looked like a crazy person. Ruddy cheeks. Sweat-infused hair. She looked like a homeless cat lady on Adderall.

Lexi, on the other hand, looked effortlessly beautiful as usual; her black-as-ink, perfectly wavy bedhead hair pouring over her shoulders.

Lexi looked up at Jess and raised an eyebrow that barely wrinkled her dewy walnut skin. She continued pouring scolding hot coffee out of a coffee pot while maintaining eye contact with Jess, peering at her through one squinted eye.

“Did you go jogging on that bike trail again, Jess? You did, you don’t even have to bother lying to me,” Lexi said as a morning greeting.

The mug Lexi was pouring coffee into was clear, allowing Jess to watch a sludgy silt settle at the bottom. Lexi liked her coffee dark, like a black hole, so nothing could escape it, not even milk. Lexi handed the scolding hot mug of too dark coffee to Jess, and then resumed chiding her while she poured herself a cup.

“You know you’re going to get murdered, right? One day someone is going to find your body floating in the water or tossed out in the woods if you don’t cut it out.”

“I know, you told me already. Thanks for telling my mom that too by the way. She mailed me a rape whistle last week and keeps asking me to text her pictures to show that I’m actually wearing it while I’m jogging,” Jess said, feeling her runner’s high rapidly start to dissolve.

Not relenting, Lexi followed Jess back into her bedroom as Jess continued getting ready for work. Jess rummaged through her drawers until she found her teller vest. Looking through the neckline of her scratchy red teller vest, Jess could see Lexi’s pursed-lips as Jess pulled the vest over her head.

Jess let out long groan; she was in no mood to have this argument again before work.

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