• The Squeak

    2019-08-04 by

    The noise sounded like air slowly being released from a balloon– or at least that’s what Elle thought. When she heard the sound, her whole body was bathing in the warmth of his radiant heat; her arms coiled around his… Read more

  • The Tardigrades

    2019-07-16 by

    It’d been two weeks and three days since Jess heard nothing but radio silence from her flame, Chris James: the same silence that haunted their meals together the last few weeks of their relationship. But Jess didn’t know it was… Read more

  • Dollies For Sale

    2019-08-18 by

    W…W…W…Will You Love Me? Part 1 THE TRAIL JESS JOGGED ON EVERY MORNING was either beautiful or terrifying, depending on how you looked at it. The only time Jess found herself centered and at peace, however, was when she jogged on… Read more

  • Gators vs. Sky Devils

    2019-08-03 by

    Lieutenant Smarmy was full of glaring contradicts. His impish and righteous nature somehow symbiotically working together. So, it wasn’t surprising when my fellow officer deceptively gave me a klonopin pill to calm my nerves before a jump. A pill which… Read more

  • The Whiskey Drifter Writes…

    2019-07-09 by

    A lover of whiskey, dark humor & story-telling; Elle Rebel writes brutally honest short stories about the droll hijinks of dysfunctional, deeply-flawed, yet lovable misfits. Whether writing about navigating the treacherous waters of 20-something life, the underbelly of the Army,… Read more

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